Digital Djing

DJing has come a long way from the hardware equipment, turntables and mixer. The hassle and time of hauling crates full of vinyl to a club is no longer a necessity to be a professional DJ.  DJs today can now live, work and travel with their entire mix/production studio on just their pc, specifically a laptop.

It's hard for one to see that when everything went digital, the gradual advances in technology also impacted the face of popular music and djing, resulting in an explosion of remixes, mashups, mixtapes, and entirely new musical styles like glitch, grime and dubstep.

Digital DJ Programs

Dj software programs like Ableton Live, Serato and Traktor democratized the art of DJing, making it more easy and affordable to for people with a computer and a dream get into DJing.

But even though technology has tremendous benefits for the DJ today, as any professional DJ knows, it's not just about the tools you have; the skills that you possess for using them counts. For this reason, it's important learn how to use every available method of DJing, so that you're well-rounded and prepared to DJ in any situation, whether it's mainly digital or hardware.

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